Orleans Parish Property Tax Calculation

Because of special security or development taxing districts levied by individual neighborhoods in Orleans Parish, as well as a special police and fire millage which is never exempt from payment by any homeowner, the best way to calculate your property taxes is to use the Orleans Parish Assessor's tax estimator: http://www.qpublic.net/la/orleans/est.php

The following sample property tax worksheet uses 2018 Orleans Parish millage rates for a home valued at $100,000:

TOTAL VALUE:   $100,000.00 X 10%= $10,000.00 ASSESSED VALUE.
$10,000.00 - $7,500.00 HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION = $2,500.00 TAXABLE ASSESSMENT. 
$2,500.00 X .*15408 = $385.20 = BASE PROPERTY TAX.

FIRE AND POLICE (tax on "exempt" value and vary by district)
$7,500.00 x 0.01297= $97.275

Total Annual Tax Due: $482.70


The millage rate for Westbank is 0.15436

Millage for Westbank rate is 0.15436

Should you wish to calculate Jefferson Parish Millage Rates, please contact me!